Recently I have build my very first mechanical keyboard. One of my favorite parts is that it supports QMK firmware. Building the firmware is very easy.

Start with cloning the firmware code:

git clone

First install the default compilers:


This will install homebrew and the compilers.

Next steps is to create your own keyboard settings.
In the directory keyboards you can find your hardware and subdirectories for any variantions. For me it is keyboards/dztech/dz60rgb

Lets create your own setup:

mkdir keyboards/dztech/dz60rgb/keymaps/logic855
copy keyboards/dztech/dz60rgb/keymaps/ansi/* keyboards/dztech/dz60rgb/keymaps/logic855

You will have two files now in your personal directory:
config.h for the settings you want to overwrite, like disabling rgb.
keymap.c is for configuring all the keys and layers.

Compiling now is simple:

make dztech/dz60rgb:logic855

Flashing your keyboard works as follows:
For the dz60rgb you need to keep the esc key pressed while connecting the usb.
This will put the keyboard in flash mode, so keys wont work anymore, find a second keyboard or be smart with the timing when pressing enter, tip: do a make clean first, compiling takes time ;)

make dztech/dz60rgb:logic855:dfu-util

Bam, where done :)

Next post, write some things about the keymap.c :D