The awesome stuff comics

Morning Glories: Volume 1

I have to be honest, this comic has been om my list for a very long time. You could say i'm late for the party with it's first release in 2011.

It is about six teenagers that go to a prestigious boarding school. It feels a bit like Lost meets teenage drama with some flavor or horror mixed into it. There are flashbacks with every character so you get a bit more background information while they are struggeling with their new environment.

I really like the artwork and the story line. Volume 1 is all about the introduction of the characters. Cannot wait to start with Volume 2.

Nocterra, Vol. 1: Full Throttle Dark

In the Pitch Dark Post-Apocalpyse, it's the truckers who will save us...

In Nocterra the sun has stopped and people have to life in the dark. If you stay to long in the dark you will transform into an evil animal.

A group of truck drivers drive between different settlements with goods. The story focuses on Valentina “Val” Riggs, a female truck driver.

I really enjoyed the art work and the story. It's feels like a typical Netflix type of story, perfect for a sunday afternoon with some tea or coffee. Highly recommended.