Delegating a zfs dataset

I love SmartOS but unfortunately delegating a dataset to one of your SmartOS or LX-branded zones is not supported with vmadm. It is possible tho with zonecfg, the old way of using zfs and zones.

Make sure you stop the zone you want to add the dataset:
# vmadm halt 5b297ee0-e9ad-c834-d4b8-a4e75fd38c62

Lets create a zfs dataset:
# zfs create zones/data

Now lets edit the config:
# zonecfg -z 5b297ee0-e9ad-c834-d4b8-a4e75fd38c62

And do the following:

zonecfg:5b297ee0-...> add dataset
zonecfg:5b297ee0-...:dataset> set name=zones/data
zonecfg:5b297ee0-...:dataset> end
zonecfg:5b297ee0-...> verify
zonecfg:5b297ee0-...> exit

After that you can start you zone again and will have the zfs dataset mounted in the zone

You can also check it with vmadm:

# vmadm get 5b297ee0-e9ad-c834-d4b8-a4e75fd38c62 | json datasets